Contracts are the core of nearly every business relationship. A well-drafted contract should clarify each party’s rights and obligations. When one party does not live up to the terms and conditions of an agreement, the other party may face catastrophic losses. Moreover, depending on the substance of the contract and the relationship of the parties, very different laws and legal theories may be involved.

In most of our cases involving contract disputes, our clients are relatively small companies that are up against enormous corporations. Large companies and their legal counsel will attempt to make litigation as burdensome and time-consuming as possible. Litigation in these matters can become a test of endurance. It is imperative that your lawyer has the resources as well as the experience to see a case through to its conclusion.

If you or your company face the prospect of severe financial injury due to a breach of a contract, you need an attorney who can offer innovative, aggressive legal representation. The lawyers at Chalaki Law P.C. have represented businesses of all sizes in breach of contract litigation for many years. Litigation is one of the primary focuses of our law firm.  If the future of your company is at stake, you want us in your corner.

Our firm’s success over the years has given us the resources and know-how to handle major litigation that can take years to resolve.  Click here to see a list of the cases we have litigated in the past.

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