Is it worth Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Is It Worth Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

Is It Worth Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

Key Points:

  • Dealing with injuries caused by someone else can be incredibly stressful, specially when you’re faced with the financial burden and life-altering consequences.
  • Working with a personal injury attorney can help you navigate these instances, inform you of your legal options, and present your case in the best possible way.
  • A personal injury lawyer can offer you assistance in terms of accessing the medical coverage you need, both for emergency care and long-term injuries. You will have a knowledgeable and experienced professional who will help you combat the devious tactics employed by insurance adjusters to deny or devalue your claim, as well as let you know of alternative solutions. Lastly, you will receive professional guidance on how to strengthen your case.

When you become a victim of a personal injury, it can be overwhelming to figure out the next best step to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your severe injuries. Your serious injuries may put you in a state of grave emotional distress, and this might hinder you from pursuing coverage from your health insurance provider or from the at fault party.

Navigating through legal processes can add another layer of complexity, from insurance companies refusing coverage to opponents twisting the law to their advantage through countersuits and misrepresentation.

In this case, it can be helpful to work with a personal injury attorney so that you will access professional guidance on what you should do in cases of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, fall accidents, workplace accidents, and wrongful death cases caused by negligent actions.

Here, we will discuss the three main reasons why working with a personal injury lawyer may be advantageous for you. Before that, let’s take a quick look into what actually qualifies as a personal injury.

What Is Defined As A Personal Injury?

A personal injury refers to any type of injury to your body, emotions, or even reputation. It can range from negligence to intentional actions. If you are an injured person and you are successful in your personal injury claim, you may be awarded money as compensation for the injuries you have sustained or the loss you experienced. The money may also be used to cover your medical expenses so that you can experience a smoother path to recovery.

3 Reasons To Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

There are three main areas that a personal injury attorney can assist you with in cases of personal injuries:

Helps You Aggressively Pursue Compensation For Better Medical Coverage

Your injuries may not become apparent until a few days or weeks after the accident. Symptoms such as whiplash, prolonged nausea, brain injuries, and spinal irregularities may take some time to manifest. While insurance companies may try to frame these as unreported or unrelated, a personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you still receive compensation by proving that they are indeed injury-related.

Many patients don’t even have access to health care if their insurance policies aren’t supported or pre-approved. As a result, you may be forced to wait for long hours in the emergency room or pay out of pocket just to access the medical attention you need. Your accident attorney can help eliminate the lengthy processes used by insurance adjusters and expedite the approval process so you can finally get the treatment you need.

A personal injury lawyer is specially helpful if you face a long-term condition because of a negligent driver, such as a broken spine. For this, you will need a lot of specialized equipment, around-the-clock care, and endless prescriptions for your long-term treatment plan.

For context, the calculated lifetime cost of living with spinal injury is upwards of $300,000 – and a single insurance payout would not suffice for that. The costs also rack up if your spinal injury leads to other negative impacts, such as brain injuries, time lost at work, and an overall decreased quality of life. These costs will also be factored in by your injury attorney as they build your case.

Gain Knowledge And Experience To Build Your Personal Injury Claim

It may be hard to work with coverage adjusters and get a truthful deal out of them because these businesses are profit-driven; they may use methods to avoid settling the whole payout amount that is owed to the payer. These insurance businesses employ diverse tactics to devalue or maybe deny your claims.

Devious Tactics Employed By Insurance Providers

The coverage adjuster may call you immediately after the incident to catch you off guard. They may ask you to offer a recorded declaration which they’ll use in opposition to your case later on. For instance, following an automobile injury, they will question you before you even get the chance to speak with a health practitioner or they’ll limit the verbal exchange to specific injuries.

When you ask for coverage for other injuries with delayed manifestations (like lower back pain), they may declare that you never complained about it initially so it must not be covered. They may also trap you with a quick settlement in exchange for a signed or verbal release of your claim. Other processes include misrepresenting the law, discouraging you from hiring a Houston personal injury attorney, or disputing your bills and treatment by claiming them as unrelated.

Personal injury attorneys assist you with navigating situations that involve the insurance companies that are counting on you to feel frustrated and scared so that you’d give up. However, you are protected by your rights and you should acquire what you’re entitled to. An injury attorney can even assist you access coverages that you can not even realize exist, such as:

Many injury lawyers even partner up with doctors to set up medical-legal collaborations which can provide you with more legal assistance. An estimated 300 healthcare systems, children’s hospitals, and federally qualified health centers all over the US have set up these programs.

Add Value To Personal Injury Cases

We are the first to agree that you should not hire an attorney in any random case. However, there are tons of legal complications in personal injury cases that make it specially difficult to navigate on your own. In addition, you may encounter insurance companies that are unfair in their coverage. It is even possible for your case to be incessantly delayed or entirely dismissed as you may not be taken seriously unless you have an attorney by your side.

The legal system is filled with so many rules and regulations, and the opposing party can deliberately misconstrue or interpret them. You can strengthen your case by partnering with an award-winning attorney who will represent the law on your behalf and help you win.

They will consider the merits of your case based on the financial, emotional, or punitive damages you have experienced to ensure that you do not lose out on the compensation to which you are entitled.

Is Wrongful Death A Personal Injury?

Wrongful death is indeed classified as a type of personal injury, specifically if the victim passed away as a result of the incident. In this case, the family members or members of the estate of the deceased are entitled to receive compensation for all the damages accrued. If you lost a family member due to another person’s negligence, you can seek justice by pursuing compensation both for economic and non-economic damages.

What Happens During A Personal Injury Trial?

In a personal injury trial, a judge or jury will assess your case to decide if the at fault party should be held legally responsible for all the damages they caused you. It is during a trial when your personal injury attorney can offer the most assistance because they can represent your rights and ensure that they can refute the guilty party’s case.

This is also when all the pieces of evidence that support your personal injury case are presented to prove that you are indeed eligible to seek compensation and attain financial support.

However, not all personal injury cases go to trial because some can be resolved outside of the court through settlements between the parties involved. While settlements offer quicker resolutions, you may still need a personal injury lawyer’s assistance during this time, particularly if the deals offered to you are unsatisfactory.

How To Calculate Damages For Personal Injury?

The personal injury settlement amount should cover all of your medical expenses, damages, and lost wages. However, there are other factors that should likewise be considered to arrive at the fairest value for your case.

These factors include the cost of rehabilitation (physical therapy, medical bills, medication, and other related expenses), the cost of repairing the damages to your property, the value of the damaged property, how much the incident can disrupt your daily routine and overall quality of life, and the timeline for a full recovery.

Insurance companies have their own methods for calculating what they deem to be a reasonable payout for your claims. Generally speaking, they multiply medical expenses by 1.5 to 3 for minor injuries, 3 to 4 for medium injuries, and 5 or more for severe cases.

However, the value they arrive at is never definitive because they often go to extreme lengths – even to the point of misconstruing evidence or employing intimidation tactics – so they can get away with a lower settlement. Houston personal injury attorneys will help you present more facts and evidence to strengthen your claim and negotiate the settlement amount.

How Do I Know If I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Not every single case means that you need to hire a personal injury attorney. For example, car accidents that resulted in very minor injuries do not require legal assistance. Additionally, if your insurance provider is fully cooperative in providing you with the payout that you are due, then there would be no need to get a legal team involved. It is only when you’ve hit a roadblock in attaining commensurate compensation that you’d need to get an attorney involved. If you want clarity on this matter, book a free consultation with Gosuits.

How Can I Get A Free Consultation For A Personal Injury Attorney?

Gosuits is a personal injury law firm made up of dedicated attorneys who are ready to assist accident victims at their time of need. If you recently suffered a personal injury and are in need of assistance with navigating personal injury trial law so you may aggressively pursue compensation and recover damages, we are here to help. Book your free consultation by heading over to our website or calling us at 844-467-8487. A member of our legal team of Texas personal injury lawyers will be ready to assist you.

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss all the merits of your case and let you know of your options for the best actions to take. We know how challenging and overwhelming it can feel to recover from a personal injury which is why we have a “No Recovery, No Fee” policy in place. In other words, we don’t get paid unless you get paid. This essentially means that you are not obligated to cover any of our legal fees unless we have successfully won your case. However, you may still be required to cover medical bills and subrogations to your insurance provider. To get started, book your free consultation today so one of the Houston personal injury lawyers from our team may begin discussing and assessing your case.

Work With A Personal Injury Attorney From Gosuits And Book A Free Consultation In Houston TX

Your decision to work with a Houston personal injury lawyer depends on whether you need help navigating your case’s legal challenges. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of the legal complexities on top of an already stressful journey to recovery, hiring one can definitely help you.

They will assist you in accessing the full medical compensation that is due to you, inform you of how to best approach your insurance network for the fairest deal, inform you of alternative healthcare options you may not know about, and add value to your case to help you win. These legal professionals are committed to helping you get fair compensation and obtaining justice so you can have peace of mind and make your recovery as stress-free as possible. We have represented victims in their fight against insurance giants such as insurance giants like Allstate Insurance Company, State Farm, and Geico. If you are seeking legal representation in Texas, contact us today for a free consultation so that we can discuss your case.



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