Day: September 7, 2022

Our Blogs “No Recovery, No Fee” or “No Attorney Fee if No Recovery” “No Recovery, No Fee” or “No Attorney Fee if No Recovery” means that you will not be responsible for your attorney fees if we lose your case, or do not settle your case with the responsib.... ARE THERE ANY ATTORNEY FEES HIDDEN THAT I NEED TO BE AWARE OF? When you sign your contingency fee agreement with our personal injury law firm the details of our fee structure are explained in detail so there will be no hidden fee charges. There are no “we got you” or.... The question of who will be paying for my property damage depends on how fast you want your vehicle repaired. Under Texas law, you have the right to repair your car at the body shop of your choice. The question of who will pay for my property damage after a car.... Will Pay For My Car Accident Medical Bills?That answer depends on who or what caused the accident, if you were partially at fault, and if the other driver is insured.If you get hurt in an a car accident, you may wonder who is going to pay for your medical bills & ....



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